Recommendations of People to Follow on Twitter

One of the easiest ways to get acquainted with a wide range of economics articles online is through Twitter.

I think you will find it worth your while to follow my on Twitter: I routinely tweet Wall Street Journal articles that I find interesting, and often tweet other articles of interest. On Twitter, I am @mileskimball. That is, you can find me at

Some other twitter feeds you might want to follow for economics are:

  1. @noahpinion
  2. @NYTimeskrugman
  3. @delong
  4. @dandolfatto
  5. @anatadmati
  6. @frances_coppola
  7. @pieriaview
  8. @markthoma
  9. @jp_koning
  10. @izakaminska
  11. @prosyn
  12. @voxeu
  13. @umichecon
  14. @davidbeckworth
  15. @azizonomics