Let me ask everyone to submit their first revised post by Wednesday night (October 7) at 11 PM. This counts as a post for your regular deadline. However, if the revision is an easy one, you should use the opportunity to get ahead by doing another post too.

A few other miscellaneous points:

  1. Please put “Econ 411” as the first words in any of your emails to me or Owen. That makes it easier to manage our bulging email inboxes.
  2. References should not be at the bottom of your post. They should be inserted as links “on top of” words in the post at the appropriate point. If you don’t know how to do this technically, ask a classmate or Owen. Recall that the citation rule is (a) a functioning link and (b) enough information that the reference can be googled if the link breaks. I am making explicit (c ) the link should not appear as a link but be “on top of” appropriate words of the text, which makes those words look highlighted.
  3. When Vamika asked about how negative interest rates stimulate the economy through the capital flow/net export channel, I should have pointed everyone to the post I assigned “International Finance: A Primer.” In addition, I just added 3 more posts as reading assignments that directly talk about international finance and negative rates within the same post.
  4. I was wrong about the example with X and Z affecting each other with known strengths. I plan to make a (I hope relatively easy) homework assignment that makes this clear.
  5. One more small thing: Please use a double return for paragraphing in your posts. That makes things more compatible with Tumblr, which I hope to copy many of your posts into.