Guidelines for Revised Posts

  1. Revised posts should be mechanically a separate post from the original. This makes it possible to take a look at how you revised.
  2. Please email Miles and Jacob the link for the revised, post, NOT an attachment. 
  3. Title the email that has the link to your revised blog post “Econ 411: Revised Post #n” where n = 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. 
  4. On all your posts, make sure to make your references a link done by highlighting some phrase and entering the link over that phrase, not by putting references at the bottom. Highlighted links are the proper form in blog posts. 
  5. Revised posts count as a post for a particular deadline you face. So you don’t need to do a regular post for a particular deadline when you do a revised post. However, if it is an easy revision, you might want to do a regular post as well in order to get ahead.
  6. You should spread out when you do the revised posts. It is getting about time for you to do your first revised post. Miles will give specific guidelines for when revised posts should be done by.