Manifesto #1: I Am Enough

I am delighted to be able to share another guest post by my wife Gail, mirrored from her blog "The Resilience Conspiracy." Her previous guest posts here are:

I hope there will be many more. This post of Gail's deals with the struggle almost everyone faces to feel they are good enough:

First in the Manifesto Series: New Beliefs Celebrating You in the Present

Until now I have carried with me, as if it were a precious talisman instead of a self-defeating prophecy, the notion that I am not enough. 

I would slyly slip this belief into casual conversation, just so you would not ask me to show up whole and powerful.  I would retell stories to myself of times when I tried hard and still failed to achieve perfection.  I would remind myself the world plays whack-a-mole with people unless they swing a heavy backpack of doubt and shame onto their shoulders before beginning their day.

It’s time to bring this trickster belief out in the open and stare it down.  I challenge it to a duel with my new belief:  I AM enough!  I will not wait until I get another degree, read another book, lose 20 more pounds, and somehow convince everyone in my world I am worthy.

Life is too short for such nonsense.  I am enough when I declare that I’ve HAD enough of this tire-slashing, shin-kicking, heckling perspective. 

I am enough when I refuse to make myself wrong for trying and when I step forward into the fray because I know I have something to contribute, and want to be present for my life instead of waiting for a green light telling me I finally have what it takes.

I was enough when I took my first breath and was placed in my mother’s arms with all the promise in the world sitting like a crown upon my tiny head.  I am enough now, because I know perfection is not a goal—it is a prison sentence.  Freedom comes when you realize you are enough.